Ekin: Smart Patrol in a Lightbar

Ekin: Smart Patrol in a Lightbar 450 300

Ekin: Smart Patrol in a Lightbar

Police Mag / 07.02.2018

         Ekin: Smart Patrol in a Lightbar

Ekin’s Patrol G2 puts LPR, facial recognition, video surveillance, and emergency lighting in one unobtrusive vehicle-mounted device.

What if you could install one product on a patrol car that provided capability for automatic license plate recognition, facial recognition, and speed and parking violation detection? Billed as the first and only smart patrol in the world, Ekin’s Patrol G2 is designed to do just that, in the form of a fully functioning lightbar.

According to Orkunt Yozgat, director of business development and marketing for Ekin, this mobile product is capable of keeping cities around the world safe. “The benefits of Patrol G2 come from its versatility and integrated software,” says Yozgat. This “plug-and-play product” can be easily mounted to virtually any emergency vehicle and works autonomously without the need for additional hardware. And Patrol G2’s connection to a centrally managed system via the proprietary Red Eagle OS allows officers to view and compare surveillance data from all around the city to better respond to and investigate incidents.

The second generation of the original Ekin Patrol, Ekin Patrol G2 has been completely redesigned with new technology that can detect vehicle speed across five lanes of traffic and read license plates between closely parked vehicles to better enable parking enforcement.

All aspects of Patrol G2 are designed to work together, taking advantage of their integration. The lightbar unit incorporates cameras on all four sides to provide a 360-degree view of the area being patrolled. In concert with the Red Eagle OS, this allows Patrol G2 to constantly scan the area for the license plates of wanted vehicles as well as the faces of suspects in a crowd using Ekin’s proprietary facial recognition software.

Ekin’s Patrol G2 connects to other city systems via the Red Eagle OS so officers can view all video citywide.

“Equipped with Ekin Face, Patrol G2 captures all faces within its field of view and compares them with a police department’s database of wanted suspects,” Yozgat says. “With face analysis, Ekin Face clearly lists possible time ranges, images, and videos where specified individuals might appear, making it simple to comb through hours of video surveillance.”

Ekin Red Eagle OS allows Patrol G2 units to act as part of centrally managed Ekin systems and communicate with other city surveillance systems to facilitate law enforcement response.

“When a wanted car or person is located, Red Eagle alerts the officer by sending a notification to their smart device,” Yozgat explains. “Ekin Red Eagle (OS) also makes central management and communication between all systems streamlined and simple, so it is easy for law enforcement agencies to compare surveillance footage from all devices across a city.”

Ekin provides all its customers with training in how to use Patrol G2 and the system it integrates with. The first training is in person and follow up trainings, if needed, are done via the web. If further assistance is needed, Yozgat says Ekin support specialists can always assist customers with whatever they require.

“Ekin’s mission is to enable law enforcement to more efficiently and effectively protect the public by providing them with state-of-the-art software and hardware that makes their job easier,” says Yozgat. “With Patrol G2, police departments have an extra set of eyes patrolling the streets, and it’s easy for law enforcement to centrally manage and decipher the data and videos gathered by Ekin’s line of products.”

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