Ekin Technology reveals face recognition technology

Planet Biometrics / 23.02.2017

Ekin Technology, which is working on safe city tech, introduced new face recognition technology at the 20th European Police Congress this week in Berlin.  At a conference session dealing with the topic “Europe – boundless? liberty, mobility, security“, Ekin Technology intoroduced “Ekin Face”, a face recognition system which the company says can operate without any need for an existing photo archive to security authorities. At the congress, Akif Ekin, founder and Chairman of the Executive Board of Ekin Technology made his presentation on ‘Face Recognition without Faces – Future of Face Recognition for Public Safety’ topic.   Ekin, mentioning about new technologies in face recognition touched upon the importance of managing an integrated data system for having completely successful results in detecting persons of interest. “With today’s technology a completely secure city can be designed with the power of hardware and software engineers”. “Face recognition systems controlled by the security powers of cities with true surveillance hotspots can change security understanding of the world and the ways to avoid terrorism … New face recognition technologies give governments and private companies the opportunity to archive-detect any faces while it was only limited to wanted/registered criminals before”. Ekin concluded his his speech by mentioning the development of mobile tools which can be integrated to cars, bikes and other vehicles; and their capacity to scan the whole city.


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