Ekin Technology

Police and Security News / 30.11.2021

Ekin is a pioneer in mobile and fixed solutions for safe cities and the creator of the Ekin Patrol G2 ALPR Light Bar and ALPR Bike Patrol. The Patrol G2 combines a modern design with AI technology, making it the go to mobile enforcement product which is vehicle compatible, transforming ordinary vehicles into smart patrols. It is able to analyze up to seven lanes of ALPR, as well as front and rear 24/7 video surveillance, along with additional speed detection and parking enforcement options. With extensive data analytics, law enforcement is provided with continuous feedback, giving them the tools to make informed decisions which prioritize safety and save lives. In addition, Ekin also introduced the world’s first and only compact ALPR Bike Patrol product compatible with any bicycle. The plug-and-play design is a 12V wirelessly controlled system which requires no additional equipment to operate, providing a solution for parking violation enforcement while also generating an audio or visual alert sent in real time which is compatible with smartphones.

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