More Than Just License Plate Readers

More Than Just License Plate Readers 450 300

More Than Just License Plate Readers

Police Mag / 01.09.2020

         More Than Just License Plate Readers

The Patrol G2 smart patrol from Ekin debuted in the United States at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) how in 2014. And it started offering its license plate reader (LPR) and other smart patrol solutions in the second quarter of 2019.

“We used the time (between the introduction and the product rollout) to study the market and get a feel for the needs and expectations of the law enforcement community as a whole,” says Gerardo Diaz, Ekin’s director of business development. This year Ekin formed a partnership with Recon Power, maker of electronic bikes for law enforcement, to demo its smart patrol solutions to law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Ekin’s Patrol G2 is a modular system that is built on a foundation of LPR and video surveillance capabilities. Its LPR solution is bolstered by artificial intelligence resulting in a 99% accuracy rate under normal climate conditions, according to Diaz. Optional features for the Patrol G2 include facial recognition, speed enforcement, red light violation detection, and more. In addition to the Patrol G2 smart patrol system, Ekin makes a variety of mobile and ­ fixed solutions.

The LPR systems from Ekin are part of the company’s scalable software ecosystem, Diaz says. This means that new capabilities can be added as they are developed. For example, the license plate recognition capabilities are now available in a smartphone app for mobile use. Diaz says Ekin is working on adding seatbelt wear detection and mobile phone use detection to the system.

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