Making Cities Smarter and Safer Worldwide for More Than 20 Years

Making Cities Smarter and Safer Worldwide for More Than 20 Years 450 300

Making Cities Smarter and Safer Worldwide for More Than 20 Years

         Making Cities Smarter and Safer Worldwide for More Than 20 Years

More than a million lives could have been saved each year around the world by reducing traffic accidents, including more than 600,000 loved ones in the U.S. alone (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). As vehicles get smarter, technology gets more comprehensive and precise and governments around the world partner with innovative technology companies to implement smart solutions that make our roadways safer, the impacts are being felt around the globe. 

According to IBM research, the traffic in a city is highly affected by the people who are searching for a parking place, even up to 30%. 

For instance, traffic is a major barrier to environmental sustainability, human health and workforce productivity and retention worldwide. In Paris alone, residents spend 165 hour a year caught in traffic. Reducing traffic congestion with the use of traffic sensors to collect, analyze and share information with local authorities both improves lives while reducing air pollution. This is a win-win for Paris and other communities that are leading the way in implementing innovative traffic management, smart public safety management and smart environmental management solutions, using Ekin’s comprehensive Smart City approach.

With our game changing fixed and mobile solutions like the Ekin Spotter, we are using patented new technology to streamline data collection across wide areas, making it easier for officials to understand their cities and create impactful policies that benefit residents. While our existing solutions, including Ekin Patrol G2, help keep communities safe, the Ekin Spotter can now provide the data and analysis city managers need to thoughtfully implement solutions that promote safety and a more conscious view of life.

What is a Smart City?

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, “Smart cities put data and digital technology to work to make better decisions and improve the quality of life… real-time data gives agencies the ability to watch events as they unfold, understand how demand patterns are changing, and respond with faster and lower-cost solutions.”

With the rise in smartphone use worldwide, residents now have the technology in their hands to collect, transmit and understand key data on traffic, transit use, health and safety in their community. But collecting, analyzing, sharing and using that data purposefully to change lives is what makes a Smart City.

For example, when emergency responders use smart systems to improve call center operations and traffic-signal preemptions help speed up vehicle routes on the way to an emergency, response times can be improved by more than 20% (McKinsey). Cities using smart technology to improve emergency and police response times are seeing measurable impacts and saving lives.

Ekin’s smart city solutions help improve traffic management, resulting in less auto accidents and a measurable improvement in both air quality and quality of life for residents, who spend less time on the road. With smart traffic enforcement tools, public safety officials can help reduce deadly traffic accidents down to zero.

How Ekin is Leading the Way

For more than 20 years, Ekin has been working to craft the future of safer and smarter cities around the world. Using artificial intelligence (AI)-based smart city solutions, Ekin develops new technologies and helps communities implement smart video, audio and other sensors to better collect and use data to improve lives.

As a global leader in smart city innovation, Ekin has won more than 30 global awards for excellence and is working with partners in six continents to identify and solve issues across market sectors, all while staying committed to making cities safer and smarter. In 2014, Ekin was awarded the prestigious “Game Changer” title at the World Technology Awards.

Smart City Solutions

Ekin’s smart city solutions focus on three main areas: Traffic Management, Public Safety and Smart Environment Solutions.

Smart Traffic Management Solutions – Ekin presents a wide range of traffic management products that empower cities and give residents the tools to live safer and better lives. Designed to facilitate smart parking and traffic management, Ekin’s traffic management products are powered by Ekin’s AI-based, 24/7 automated license plate recognition technology ETS. While on the go or stationary, Ekin’s traffic management solutions help public safety officials monitor from three to seven lanes of traffic, with instant violation detection, 360 degrees of video surveillance and stolen vehicle detection alarms.

Ekin collects smart safety and traffic data through mobile and fixed systems to ensure 100% city safety.

Smart Traffic Analytics:

 • Traffic Density Report
 • Vehicle Counting
 • Vehicle Classification
 • Vehicle make, model, color and type reports

Smart Traffic Enforcement:

 • License Plate Recognition
 • Wrong Way Detection
 • Low Speed Detection
 • Pedestrian Detection
 • Stopped Vehicle Detection
 • Tailgating Detection
 • Speed Detection
 • Red Light Enforcement
 • Bus/Truck Lane Violation Detection
 • Lane Violation Detection with Vehicle Type
 • Smart Intersection Management
 • Parking Management

Smart Public Safety Solutions – Ekin’s AI-based facial recognition tool Ekin Face is trained with deep learning and license plate technology is powered by proprietary AI and machine learning-based software ETS.

 • Face Recognition
 • Social Distance Measurement
 • License Plate Recognition
 • Video Surveillance
 • People and Vehicle Counting

Smart Environment Solutions – More than 90% of the world’s population breath polluted air on a daily basis, with traffic a major cause. Ekin’s smart city solutions offer the technology needed to better manage and combat these problems. Ekin helps craft sustainable cities by contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions with improved traffic management and smart environment solutions that collect and report key environmental data.

 • Air Quality Index
 • Temperature and Humidity Measurement
 • Wi – Fi Hotspot
 • City Lighting
 • Speakers

Each of Ekin’s smart city solutions work together, managed centrally with the company’s proprietary software solution and connected via mobile and fixed systems. Used together, cities can enhance traffic management, improve public safety and measure environmental outputs, using the latest advancements in AI-backed data collection and analysis tools. From airports to stadiums and transportation hubs to college campuses, smart technology solutions are helping keep residents safe, improve air quality and enhance the livability of our communities.

What’s Next?

Ekin provides many of the most advanced smart city tools in the world, but our work is not complete. As a global pioneer in AI-backed mobile technology solutions, we continue to design and help cities implement new technologies and smart city solutions. For example, Ekin is the inventor of the first and only mobile smart patrols in the world. Used by public safety officers around the globe with a flexible design for implementation in both vehicles and bike patrols, this is just one example of how we’re helping improve city management and enhance public services with technology. With Ekin’s Patrol G2, safety officers can perform license plate recognition, face recognition and speed and parking management while on the go. Our commitment to developing the game changing technologies of the future and setting the standard of excellence for smart and safe city solutions is unmatched.