Ekin Launches New Modular Smart City Monitoring and Data Collection Device

Ekin Launches New Modular Smart City Monitoring and Data Collection Device 450 300

Ekin Launches New Modular Smart City Monitoring and Data Collection Device

Traffic Technology Today / 31.07.2018

         Ekin Launches New Modular Smart City Monitoring and Data Collection Device

Safe city technology developer Ekin has launched Spotter, a modular and compact smart city monitoring device that provides traffic management data, environmental analysis and surveillance information.

Now available in Europe, Ekin says the Spotter is the first and only smart city technology of its kind. The device provides law enforcement and government agencies, such as the departments of transportation (DOTs) and environment (DOEs), with the tools and information they need to improve quality of life for their residents.

If local authorities would like the public to access the data collected by the Spotter units, there are ways to show this information such as electric billboards or kiosks located around certain parts of cities. The Spotter is a compact device that seamlessly fits in with any cityscape by affixing to a sidewalk.

A single device capable of providing a wealth of real-time information about a city, Ekin’s Spotter can be customized to perform a number of functions, including:

• Traffic Management; 
• Speed detection; 
• License plate recognition (LPR); 
• Parking violation detection; 
• Wrong-way, wrong-lane, object, accident, tailgating, and hard braking detection; 
• City surveillance; 
• A 4K resolution security camera; 
• Self-illuminating infrared cameras to enable 24/7 surveillance; 
• Facial recognition and analysis; 
• Self-analysis and monitoring, with alerts sent to central management; 
• Environmental features such as carbon emission analysis and temperature and humidity measurements.

Ekin notes that some 90% of the world’s population breathes polluted air on a daily basis and more than 1.25 million lives could be saved each year by avoiding traffic accidents.

Spotter provides cities with the technology needed to better manage and combat these problems. The unit’s modular design enables cities to easily customize the device to fit their specific needs, allowing government officials to collect and analyze the data needed to make informed policy changes.

The Spotter is constantly evolving, because it is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), and Ekin’s proprietary Red Eagle (OS), a dynamic software with an easy-to-use interface that enables municipalities to centrally manage all of the data collected by the company’s products citywide.

“We developed Spotter to streamline data collection, making it easier for officials to understand their cities, and create impactful policies that benefit residents,” explained Akif Ekin, founder and chairman of Ekin.

“By 2050, 66% of the world’s population is projected to live in metropolitan areas, and we want to ensure that individuals living in cities have the highest quality of life possible. While our existing line of products, such as the Patrol G2 and the Box Spotter, provide city safety solutions, our goal with Spotter is to provide the data and analysis cities need to thoughtfully implement solutions that promote safety and a more conscious view of life.”