Vehicle Identification

The Police Chief / 04.11.2022

The sheer volume of traffic in many urban areas can make traffic enforcement, vehicle identification, and driver identification extremely challenging. However, AI can help in this area, as well.

Acknowledging the complexities of equipping vehicles with automated license plate readers, plus speed and surveillance cameras, Ekin sought to include them all in one solution: the Ekin Patrol G2. “To us, the solution was clear since all law enforcement vehicles have one thing in common,” said the president of Ekin America, Jerry Diaz. The team recognized that every police vehicle had a lightbar, so they decided to replace the traditional light model with an AI-powered “smart” one.

The plug-and-play solution is centrally managed by Ekin Red Eagle OS, streamlining the communication between all deployed systems. Because it is equipped with Ekin Face, the lightbar captures images from a 360-degree patrol view and compares them with an agency’s database, enabling officers to identify suspects more accurately and efficiently.

It also features an automatic license plate recognition function and autonomously performs speed detection and parking management for up to seven lanes of traffic. “[With the lightbar,] police officers can focus on tasks that require human interaction while relying on AI technology to collect data, detect infractions, and alert them of stolen or wanted vehicles,” said Diaz.