Ekin OS / Red Eagle


Ekin Red Eagle (OS), is the "Safe City Operating System", that communicates with all safety systems in the city, generates alarms and takes actions.



Ekin Red Eagle operates all city safety systems from a single point.

Ekin Red Eagle is a platform-free (Linux or Windows) system with a constantly evolving and dynamic structure, an easy to use, user-friendly interfaces, and integrated applications.

It processes all the data obtained from security systems working independently from each other and oparates everything from a single point. Therefore, Ekin Red Eagle allows all these systems to work as a complete and total one system.

For example: Ekin Red Light Violation Detection System can detect a wanted vehicle and transfer this information immediately to Ekin Patrol in order to take action in time.

Ekin Red Eagle has a modular structure that gives users the ability to add or remove all existing or new city security systems.


Ekin OS / Red Eagle


Why Red Eagle (OS) Safe City Operating System?

The main difference is the technology that Ekin Red Eagle uses to archive and analyze the images taken
from mobile and fixed systems communicating with it.


  • Reporting based on gender, age and groups by analyzing faces
  • Searching based on gender, age and groups around the city
  • Detection whether a person is ever been in a specific area
  • Searching for a specified person through all the cameras in the city

Tracking even out of sight actions that humans can miss and taking actions accordingly, Ekin Red Eagle is aimed to provide safer cities.


Ekin OS / Red Eagle


Smart Video Management Smart Video Management

  • High performance video management software
  • State-of-the-art imaging, management and recording solution
  • User friendly interfaces
  • Dynamic structure that evolves with integrated applications


Unlimited Expandable Structure Unlimited Expandable Structure

  • Unlimited number of camera adding support
  • Unlimited number of users definition support
  • Ability to work platform-free
  • ONVIF compatible
  • Compatible with all hardware architecture (x86, x64, ARM)


Central Management Central Management

  • Several authorization and authentication levels
  • Mapping based on user roles
  • Mapping based on camera authorizations
  • Flexible rule and time definition
  • Central authentication and authorization
  • System configuration through remote access


Ekin OS / Red Eagle


Easy Note Attachment Easy Note Attachment

  • Ability to add explanatory notes on images with bookmarking feature
  • Easy data sharing
  • Provides evidence for retroactive investigations


Smart Alarm Management Smart Alarm Management

  • Efficient monitoring with smart alarm management
  • Manage internal and external consolidated alarms
  • Simultaneous user notifications via SMS and e-mail


Map Creating Map Creating

  • Multi-layered and interactive map support
  • Active map display of all devices managed by the system
  • Camera location information through GPS and map integration


Ekin OS / Red Eagle


Dynamic Data Management Dynamic Data Management

  • Reliable platform against high risks
  • Capability to backup records in case of system failure with failover feature
  • System sustainability with maximum availability
  • Maximized resource utilization and fastest response time with load-balancing feature
  • Space saving by deleting images determined as insignificant automatically with smart data aging feature (such as images without motion, person or vehicle)


Smart Transcoding Smart Transcoding

  • Automatic transmission of video streams to multiple clients in different resolutions and frame rates according to its connection speed with transcoding feature
  • Increase system performance through bandwidth optimization
  • Automatic image resolution adjustment according to different screens with mosaic streaming feature
  • Simultaneous transmission of live and archived images to multiple clients with multicast streaming feature


Ekin OS / Red Eagle


Face Recognition Face Recognition

  • Comparison of detected faces over database
  • Similarity rate for matched faces
  • Real-time identity check over database for wanted or specified people
  • Alarm generation for wanted or specified people
  • Real time inquiry over live image, video archive, database or images updates by users
  • Age and gender prediction and statistics


Face Analysis and Search Face Analysis and Search

  • Group, individual, color, age or gender filtered searching over live or archive videos
  • Reporting for the potential time zone that wanted or specified people are detected
  • Easy to use search and reporting function


Ekin OS / Red Eagle


Advanced Reporting Advanced Reporting

  • Configurable and user-friendly reporting system
  • Customizable reporting features
  • System performance measurement
  • Easy data access


Video Wall Video Wall

  • Multiple system monitoring (for instance; face recognition, red light enforcement and surveillance can be monitored on one divided screen)
  • Instant adjustable screen size on mosaic screen according to user’s needs
  • Remote screen distribution and size adjustment for supervisors or any specified users’ screen
  • Remote access and management


Mobile Control Mobile Control

  • Apple IOS, Android and Windows Phone applications
  • Continuous monitor and control
  • Mobile accessibility anywhere and anytime


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