''Mobile Number Plate Recognition System''

Ekin Micro Spotter automatically detects the number plates of the vehicles in its field of view in mobile or stable position via high-resolution video-based number plate recognition technology and ensures continuous traffic safety.



Provides versatile application range with its micro-sized compact design.


Having the smallest dimensions of its kind and enabling practical use in line with its design, Ekin Micro Spotter has ability to be used as mobile or stable positions, mounted to the pole, on tripod, vehicle’s hood, vehicle’s roof top or any desired points on the vehicle.


Records high-resolution videos.


With its high-resolution cameras, Ekin Micro Spotter records all the number plates in wider areas without losing any focus and sharpness.


Ensures 24/7 surveillance and traffic control.


Ekin’s video based number plate recognition technology records not only the violation moment but the entire traffic flow distinctively from conventional photograph based systems.


Supports international use.


Ekin Micro Spotter recognize European, American and Middle Eastern number plates with the high accuracy and identifies the country information that number plates belong to.


Centrally managed by Ekin Red Eagle OS.


Ekin Red Eagle OS operates all the traffic systems in the city including Ekin Micro Spotter from a single point and ensures the actions to be taken on time.


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Ekin MICRO SPOTTER Functions