"Cutting-edge mobile ALPR solution designed for motorcycles, bikes, and cars."

The Micro Patrol was created and designed following the success of the Ekin Patrol G2. Unlike any other in its class, it´s able to perform license plate recognition and parking management while in motion. A cost-effective mobile APLR solution developed and designed for law enforcement.

The compact design detects parking violations and recognizes license plates in areas where fixed solutions are unable to reach. It is compatible with any bike, motorcycle, or car and assists officers as they move through congested areas, making it an indispensable tool for law enforcement officials.



Versatile Application Range


The compact design can perform parking management and number plate recognition in areas where fixed solutions and motor vehicles cannot access.


International Award-Winning Plug & Play Design


The first and only compact smart patrol product in the world and adaptable for multiple uses. The plug-and-play design is adaptable from 24-36 V with wireless controlled system that easily operates without any need for any additional equipment, turning regular police vehicles into smart patrols.


Generates Instant Alarms


The detection system provides instant database comparison and is able to detect vehicles stated as “suspicious” or “stolen” on any law enforcement's blacklist. It provides an instant solution for parking violation enforcement all while generating an audio or visual alert, sent in real-time and compatible with smartphones.


Centrally Managed by Ekin Red Eagle OS


The Ekin Micro Patrol can communicate with all Ekin solutions using the wireless communication infrastructure. Performing continuous monitoring on a digital map from the control center and dispatching the Micro patrol to incident locations.



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Ekin MICRO PATROL Functions