Ekin Face

Ekin Face is a face detection and analysis system that recognizes faces with high accuracy, ensuring continuous safety at public or private areas.

Ekin Face

Why Ekin Face?

Face Recognition Face Recognition


Ekin Face, captures all the faces in the field of view, compares them with the database and submits the similarity rate for the matched faces. It makes real-time inquiries via live image, image archive, data base or user uploaded images, and identifies the wanted or specified persons with the high accuracy.


Face Analysis Face Analysis


Due to its advanced face analysis feature, Ekin Face searches based on gender, age, or being in groups. Even if there is not an enrolled image in the database, the system reaches the closest results for wanted person. For instance; Ekin Face lists all women in red, all men groups of three or all women under thirty according to its set filters. Thus, with the advanced face analysis feature, Ekin Face lists possible time zones, images and videos that the wanted or specified person was appeared in.


Instant Alarm Instant Alarm


Ekin Face detects people that are on black or whitelists and warns the user by generating an audio or visual alarm notification on its application. The system finds all information about the detected suspicious person by searching in the archive for its last actions. Detailed information is obtained including if the suspicious person has even been in a specified area at a certain time or an accomplice's identity, if any. Besides, the coordinates of the suspicious person can be found by looking through real-time images. Thus, suspicious, guilty, or wanted people even the human eye can miss can be detected, and appropriate actions will be taken in time.


High Accuracy High Accuracy


Besides the face recognition from real-time images, Ekin Face also detects faces by searching through archived videos. Ekin Face provides reliable and high-accuracy results even in crowded areas, recognizing multiple faces simultaneously.


Wide Range of Applications Wide Range of Applications


Ekin Face is an ideal solution for dynamic environments such as border gates, airports, mass transportation centers, shopping malls, stadiums, or campuses. In these areas with an intense flow of people, Ekin Face operates real-time identification at the highest level and ensures public safety.


Easy Integration Easy Integration


Ekin Face works as a stand-alone application as well as being a part of the existing surveillance systems and all Ekin solutions. Also, Ekin Face can be integrated with third party surveillance systems. Thus, it is possible to turn an existing system into a system capable of face recognition without any extra infrastructure costs.


Entrance and Exit Control Entrance and Exit Control


Ekin Face supports toll gates, barriers or doors to work integrated with facial control and provides access for only specified people. With the adjustable time zone feature, accessibility can be extended or limited for specified time periods such as nights or weekends. Besides, all Ekin Face solutions communicate with each other even if there are too many entrance points and creates a wide communication network. Thus, the system prevents unwanted entrances to specified areas and provides safety at the highest level.


Ekin Face Functions


  • Captures and analyzes faces immediately through real-time or archived images
  • Detects multiple faces simultaneously in crowded areas
  • Searches filtered through real-time or archive images
  • Analyzes according to specified filter such as age, gender or being in groups and lists results accordingly
  • Lists potential time zones including suspicious person's face detection
  • Analyzes and matches the captured faces with existing databases and ensures the identification
  • Real-time identity checks from the database to find wanted or specified people and generate alarms accordingly
  • Real-time inquiries through real-time images, databases, image archives, and images uploaded by users
  • Creates statistical data based on demographics such as age and gender
  • Searches based on gender, age, or being in groups and suggests the closest faces for the specified person, even if there is no matching face in the database


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