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We develop AI based smart city solutions empowering cities and their people by using smart video, audio and other sensors.




We work for crafting the future of smart cities.




Since its inception in 1998, Ekin Smart City Solutions has developed software, hardware and design together with an innovative approach to smart city management. With its artificial intelligence based technology, Ekin provides quantitative data for traffic management, public safety and smart living categories to state and federal authorities including private institutions that enable them to make smart decisions that generate  sustainable growth, enhance quality of life and ensure the security of its citizens.
Ekin's smart city solutions focus on three main sectors; traffic management including; red light enforcement, speed detection, smart intersection management, average speed detection, parking management, public safety management including; missing person detection & person of interest, license plate recognition,  area control video analysis and vehicle & people counting, smart living management including; environmental analysis, social distancing requirements and public wifi. All the data is centrally managed by Ekin’s proprietary software Ekin Red Eagle OS that receives the information from mobile and fixed systems placed throughout the city.
As the pioneer of mobile surveillance systems in smart city technologies, Ekin is the inventor of – 'The first and only mobile smart patrols in the world'. With game changing innovation in its genes, Ekin continues to develop the game changing technologies of the  future and sets the standards in smart & safe city solutions.
Born to lead, committed to innovate.




For over 20 years, Ekin’s innovational excellence has been certified by international experts worldwide having received over 30 prestigious awards for excellence in design, innovation, corporate prowess.   
In addition to its globally acknowledged awards, Ekin’s game changing partner network positioned strategically across six continents ensures for continued growth while addressing the specific needs of the various market sectors.

Ekin won the "Game Changer" title at World Technology Award in 2014.