Ekin launches Smart Patrol Bike at Intertraffic

Ekin launches Smart Patrol Bike at Intertraffic 450 300

Ekin launches Smart Patrol Bike at Intertraffic

Its International / 04.06.2016

         Ekin launches Smart Patrol Bike at Intertraffic

Imagine catching speeders at 200 km/h while cruising on a bicycle? Ekin Technology is launching another breakthrough innovation in smart traffic systems with the unveiling of the Ekin Smart Patrol Bike, the world’s first speed enforcement and automatic number plate recognition bicycle.

Based and designed upon the success of the well-known Ekin Smart Patrol, the unique system has been further developed and transformed to be installed and used on bicycles. Like all Ekin Technology solutions, the Smart Patrol Bike is another fully integrated solution that connects and communicates with all system units controlled in the smart centre.

As Ekin points out, police departments around the world rely on the advantages of bicycles as one of the most versatile tools in law enforcement, emergency medical response, and security. Flexible, silent and now smart! By having smart patrol features on a bike, law enforcement units are able to access areas and perform surveillance tasks where motorised vehicles hit their limits, be it in congested or crowded conditions or on restricted roads and terrain.

The smart patrol system operates on moving or parked vehicles, people and objects. It can be easily transferred from one location to another and requires no infrastructural investments.

Ekin Technology will also be featuring a range of other smart systems, including Ekin Smart Patrol, which the company says is the first truly mobile smart patrol in the world with 360 degree surveillance. Designed specifically for police vehicles, it combines a number of enforcement and surveillance operations. Another innovation being featured is Ekin Micro Plate which the company says is the smallest licence plate recognition device developed. In addition to recording licence plate data, the system records speed, date, time, coordinates and videos of all vehicles passing through the surveillance area.