Ekin Technology introduces archive-free facial recognition solution

GSN Magazine / 23.02.2017

Ekin Technology, building up safe cities in different countries of the world, introduced its latest facial recognition technology at the 20th European Police Congress, organised by the newspaper Behörden Spiegel, on 21st and 22nd February 2017 in Berlin. At the congress dealing with the topic „Europe – boundless? liberty, mobility, security“, Ekin Technology intoroduced “Ekin Face”, the facial recognition system operating without any need for an existing photo archive to security authorities. European Police Congress is Europe´s leading conference on homeland security hosted numerous high-ranking representatives of the security authorities as the Federal Minister of the Interior of the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr Thomas de Maizière, Frontex’s Executive Director, Fabrice Leggeri, the President of Eurojust, Michèle Coninsx, Director, Federal Office of Police fedpol of the Swiss Confederation, Nicoletta Della Valle, the President of the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) and more.


At the congress, Akif Ekin, founder and Chairman of the Executive Board of Ekin Technology made his presentation on "Face Recognition without Faces – Future of Face Recognition for Public Safety." Mr. Ekin, mentioning about new technologies in facial recognition touched upon the importance of managing an integrated data system for having completely successful results in detecting persons of interest. Throughout his speech Mr. Ekin mentioned about precautions to be taken to ensure border security and solution offers to avoid global terror problems. As Mr. Ekin has indicated, border security being one of the top discussion topics in the European Union agenda can be an outdated issue if needed actions are taken. "With today’s technology a completely secure city can be designed with the power of hardware and software engineers," he said. "Face recognition systems controlled by the security powers of cities with true surveillance hotspots can change security understanding of the world and the ways to avoid terrorism completely’ said Ekin. New face recognition technologies give governments and private companies the opportunity to archive-detect any faces while it was only limited to wanted/registered criminals before." He completed his speech by mentioning about the development of mobile tools which can be integrated to cars, bikes and other vehicles; and their capacity to scan the whole city, Mr. Ekin’s speech drew attention of the panel participants.


About Akif Ekin, President, Ekin Technology

Akif Ekin (b.1967, Denizli) Chairman of ekin Technology, Turkish Businessman, Certificated Aerospace and Aircraft Engineer Akif Ekin was born in 1967, inDenizli. As of 1972, he began living in Germany. Akif Ekin, who completed hisentire elementary-secondary-high school educations in Germany, graduated as a Certificated Engineer from Stuttgart Technical University, earningaB.Sc. and M.Sc. fromtheDepartments of Aerospace and Aircraft Engineering. He worked as a research assistant for two years at theSpace Research Laboratory of Stuttgart Technical University. He participated in the research on acoating material which is light and resistant to high temperatures in the earth's

atmosphere for theHermes Spacecraft, built by theEuropean Space Agency (ESA). In 1988, during his education, he accomplished his internship in aircraft manufacturing at Zenair in Canada. He lived in America and Canada for awhile. In Germany, at Akart Lamp, founded by him in 1990, he worked on technical designs. In 1992, at Iltis Consulting, he gave lectures in various regions of Germany about technical and marketing training to about 2000 senior executive participants from theautomotive sector. Between 1993-1995, he performed a role as a general director in Pyramid Security Systems. During his time in Germany, he had a leadership role in publishing thefirst Turkish article in theSaturday newspaper of Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ), which hasbeen published since 1949. Furthermore, he is theauthor of Nachbar Türkei (1997) and Erfolg in der Türkei (1998), which are about Turkey and published in German. He is thefounder and chairman of Ekin Technology—which is based on smart city and smart traffic—founded in 1998 in Istanbul, where Ekin patrol, the world's first smart patrol device, was developed and is exported from.