Ekin X SPOTTER 450 300 hcoskun


Officer.com / 06.01.2021

The Ekin X Spotter is a mobile speed enforcement, automatic license plate Recognition (ALPR) and traffic violation detection system powered by Ekin’s proprietary AI-based software platform. It provides ALPR and vehicle speed and violation detection capabilities to officers in the field using a 4K motor-zoom image sensor and video-based recognition technology. Its compact design allows for easy integration into any vehicle type or placement within the cityscape.

The Ekin X Spotter performs automatic license plate recognition for up to 3 lanes of traffic, powered by Ekin’s proprietary artificial intelligence ETS software. The license plate recognition accuracy rate reaches 99% worldwide. The product’s extensive traffic analysis features include speed, red light violation, tailgating, stopped vehicle and pedestrian detection on roads and highways.

The Ekin X Spotter’s modular design provides city officials the ability to customize the device to collect and analyse the data needed to make informed policy changes and promote a safer, healthier living environment. Using Ekin’s proprietary Red Eagle (OS) a dynamic software solution with a user-friendly interface, municipalities can centrally manage all of the data collected by Ekin’s products citywide.

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